Our story

Our Story

An oncologist, a technology expert and an entrepreneur - the 3 founders are varied in their profession but in order to see the bigger picture, we need to understand each other's perspective. We could see something common though. We identified a gap in the cancer care treatment and patient engagement which could be filled or improved with healthcare technology.

We are here to connect the dots and do our bit for the society. This is what paved way for an exciting "Make In India" startup journey and we named it "nuQareTM" (read as NewCare) which represents the way our new generation treatment care is going to be redefined.

Our Vision

We aim to bridge the gap between healthcare and technology with a connected cancer care ecosystem that virtually empathizes with the patients.

Our Mission

Shaping the future of cancer care by bridging the gap of connectivity between cancer patients and oncologists with an ecosystem of AI-powered cancer care that engages them digitally.

Vision mission

Our Values

We are constantly encouraged, motivated and inspired by the 3 C’s - Connected, Cancer, Care.  Building a connection between oncologists and cancer patients is very essential in order to empower, support and educate them as they undergo their cancer treatment journey. Cancer is a suffering most of us are hesitant to address, and this further motivates our team to build cancer awareness through cancer literacy and cancer care advancements.  We know you care for your patients - we do too. Our technology enabled platform is designed in a way to support you with information and systems that help you help your patient more effectively.