nuQare YOU

nuQareTM YOU

A super app for Cancer Patients & their family!

The nuQareTM YOU app is very much focused on providing assistive care to patients. It records their health history, allows them to seamlessly communicate with their preferred oncologists, orders lab reports and scans, manages lab reports online, and keeps them up-to-date with the various cancer-related awareness campaigns. We aim to build cancer literacy among the patients and thus help them and their family members make more informed decisions. AI-powered platforms such as nuQare have the power to improve overall cancer treatment with the scope of continuous learning from various demographics of the patients.

With informed decision-making, passive follow-ups, and reminders with the patients, we guarantee increased patient satisfaction and retention.

Why choose nuQareTM YOU?

1. Share Lab reports Documents Summary

Easy Sharing Of Documents

Patients are empowered with a smart friendly mobile app which will help them organize all their health records in a central vault. They can easily share the selected documents just prior to appointments.

Doctors can also share their prescriptions, advises, bills etc directly to the patient app, thus making the entire communication journey smooth and fast.

Preventive Cancer Care

Our main motto is to spread awareness regarding Cancer and preventive screening strategies. We, at nuQare, have devised very simple screening algorithms for assessing the Cancer risk and guide further for cancer screening recommendations as per international cancer care guidelines. We aim to empower our patients with authentic and reliable information on Cancer prevention and Screening.

2. Screening Preventive care
3. Cancer literacy

Cancer Literacy

"Awareness in itself is healing" - By Frederick Salomon Perls

We aim to educate the patients and their family members with any kind of basic as well as intricate level questioning. Our AI powered bot can answer most of their questions. We also aim to keep users aware of all the latest technological advancements in Cancer care.

Easy communication with Doctors

In today's era, timely communication is the key to patient satisfaction. With effective use of communication chatbots, private chatrooms, video consultations, file sharing using mobile apps, mobile notifications and many more we ensure that the patient is always connected with the doctor. Any critical events are immediately notified to the Doctors so that they can take timely action.

4. Manage Critical Events
5. PRO Symptoms Vitals

Evidence Based Reporting

With our easy to tools and utilities such as daily mood capturing, vitals reporting using fitbands, symptoms reporting and many other calculators, we ensure that our app is able to provide utmost care to the patients while the Doctor is away.

Online Health Booking Made Easy

A wide range of services have been made available such as online booking of appointments with the Onco experts, direct ordering of lab tests and scans prescribed by the doctors. The family members can book all these at their convenience and thus ensure they focus on their careers while we take care of the patients needs.

6. Online Appoinments Lab Test
7. Finances Management

Finance Management

Through our app we will guide patients through the entire journey  of Cancer treatment and provide all required assistance in dealing with financial constraints.

nuQareTM YOU App Is Available for Download

nuQare YOU App

nuQareTM YOU App

For Patients (FREE)

nuQareTM YOU App is Available for Download

nuQare YOU App

nuQareTM YOU App

For Patients (FREE)