nuQareTM Platform

nuQareTM - An Intelligent Cancer Care Platform

nuQareTM simply stands for the "Nu" (new) age "Care" that we envision to provide via this platform.

Its an FHIR enabled (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources enabled) platform which focuses on the key areas  of data security, compliance, standardized data architecture and high end data privacy of your cancer patients.

If you are an oncologist, oncology expert, clinic, hospital, diagnostic lab, radiology scan center, daycare center, integrative care unit or an any other organization focusing on cancer care, then nuQareTM is the perfect platform for your patients. It carries a lot of features and also allows customizations to suit your professional ethos.

nuQareTM Ecosystem

nuQare Ecosystem

Comprehensive Product Suite

nuQareTM EMR

Onco focused modern cancer care is here!

This is not just an EMR for seamlessly integrating your patient’s medical records on an electronic dashboard. It has been specially customized and develop to maintain Onco specific patient records. It efficiently manages any typical onco workflow, be it OPD, treatment, daycare, chemotherapy or likes. It encompasses all the essential advises, prescriptions, reports and much more that assists you in diagnosis and treatment. Equipped to integrate with any existing HMIS (Health Management Information System), we aim to provide you with modern day cancer care solutions.

nuQare EMR
nuQare Analytics

nuQareTM Analytics

A digital twin of your patient is all we need!

By creating a digital twin or virtual model design of the patient, our Analytics application gives you a simulated patient treatment experience. Be assured to receive comprehensive analytics in this solution that gives you health as well as financial data, treatment information and more. This is one of the best ways you can track your business growth and run it optimally.

nuQareTM YOU

A super app for Cancer Patients & their family!

The YOU app is very much focused on providing assistive care to patients. It records their health history, allows them to seemlessly communicate with their preferred oncologists, orders lab reports and scans, manages lab reports online, and keeps them up-to-date with the various cancer-related awareness campaigns. We aim to build cancer literacy among the patients and thus help them and their family members make more informed decisions. AI-powered platforms such as nuQare have the power to improve the overall cancer treatment with the scope of continuous learning from various demographics of the patients.

With informed decision-making, passive follow-ups, and reminders with the patients, we guarantee increased patient satisfaction and retention.

nuQare YOU

Frequently Asked Questions

nuQareTM EMR (Electronic Medical Record)  manages appointments, record patient data and  allows sharing with your patients digitally within seconds and  access patients’ data from anywhere thus saving time, increasing patient retention and managing practice efficiently.
nuQareTM EMR is a cancer specific EMR designed specially for oncologist, to record every detail of patients in depth, plan their treatment and establish secure communication with your patient.

Your sensitive information is not shared with anyone. Information is secured using the safest encryption standards and privacy safe practices.

The nuQareTM EMR is quite easy to use. We recommend quick training conducted by nuQareTM team to help you get started within 24-hours of registering on the EMR platform.

 We have an evaluation version in offer for very selected customers. You can reach out to us on  and we shall assist you further.