nuQare EMR

nuQareTM EMR

Onco focused modern cancer care is here!

This is not just an EMR for seamlessly integrating your patient’s medical records on an electronic dashboard. It has been specially customized and develop to maintain Onco specific patient records. It efficiently manages any typical Onco workflow, be it OPD, treatment, daycare, chemotherapy or likes. It encompasses all the essential advises, prescriptions, reports and much more that assists you in diagnosis and treatment. Equipped to integrate with any existing HMIS (Health Management Information System), we aim to provide you with modern day cancer care solutions.

Choose nuQareTM EMR for better results!

Why choose nuQareTM EMR?

1. Patint Retention

Increase Your Patient Retention

With informed decision-making, passive followups and reminders with the patients, we guarantee an increased patient satisfaction and retention.

Our platform focuses more on evidence-based reporting. Patients are motivated to self-report their symptoms on a daily basis, and the entire timeline trend report can be shared with the doctor as and when required.

Anywhere Anytime Access

Got an emergency call from a patient while you are on the move? Don't worry ! This app provides all the access to your patient data on your fingertips !

2. Realtime Access (1)
Easy to use

Easy-To-Use Interface

As per a survey conducted amongst top doctors, one of the major reasons for non digitisation in a clinic is because of complex softwares and their interfaces. We have an expert team of User experience (UX) designers who have crafted each screen with perfection. Literally no technical knowledge is required to get started.

Power Of AI & Customization

We have smartly blended our knowledge of AI with Onco expertise. The outcome is an intelligent generation of HOPI (History of Present Illness), templatized generation of Case summaries, ability to customize the templates for each Doctor, efficient generation of bills, sharing of treatment plans with daycare and many more.

Doctors are notified of any critical events directly through the mobile apps.

4. AI Powered Case Summary
5. AI Powered Case Summary – 1

360 View of Patient Health Records

For making an informed decision, it is essential that doctors are presented with a holistic view of health records. Our 360 view of the patient does not just ensure that we show all the records; it also ensures that all past and present health records are available at a glance. Our USP is the timeline view, which helps quickly summarise the patient's health journey.

Secured Communication with Patients

In today's era, timely communication is the key to patient satisfaction. With effective use of communication chatbots, private chatrooms, video consultations, file sharing using mobile apps, mobile notifications and many more we ensure that the doctor is always connected with the patient.

6. Secured Communication with Patient – 1

nuQareTM EMR+ App is Available for Download

nuQare EMR App

nuQareTM EMR+ App

For Onco Experts (On Subscription Basis)

nuQareTM EMR+ App is Available for Download

nuQare EMR App

nuQareTM EMR+ App

For Onco Experts (On Subscription Basis)