nuQare Analytics

nuQareTM Analytics

A digital twin of your patient is all we need!
Get comprehensive population analytics and data

By creating a digital twin or virtual model design of the patient, our Analytics application gives you a simulated patient treatment experience. Be assured to receive comprehensive population analytics in this solution that gives you financial data, treatment information and more. This is one of the best ways you can catalyze your cancer treatment with AI-assistive cancer care.

Why choose nuQareTM Analytics?

1. Realtime Dashboard

Real-Time Dashboards

Real-time dashboards are an effective way to analyze live data.

These visualizations are a combination of historic and real-time information for analyzing various aspects of a patient’s Quality Of Life, diagnosis, treatments, as well as the performance of the organization and practitioner and revenue generation, it aids in analyzing the end-to-end healthcare system.

Make Decisions

Analytics is a tool or a set of methodologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information that is further used to enable healthcare organizations to have effective, strategic, and operational insights for decision-making and set their future vision.

Live data is analyzed for past, present, and forecast future aspects of the healthcare system as it will help patients in diagnosis of cancer, predict treatment procedures outcomes, medicine study, and plan the treatment budgets.

Make decision
Medicine Study

Medicine Study

Medicines play a major role in cancer treatments, with the help of past generated prescriptions along with various conditions of patients, analytics help to gain better insights, adding value and achieving better outcomes for healthcare settings, such as new treatments and research.

Expand Business

With the live data it will help to manage organization, track revenue of each organization, and aid in exploration of new avenues of growth and success; help design and plan policy and programs.

3. Expand your Business