Advancement of Digitalization in Cancer Care


Digital Health is more relevant than ever before to make personalized healthcare accessible for every person on Worldwide.

Oncologists are turning to digital devices and technology to improve outcomes. AI-based software is gaining rapid adoption in supporting clinicians in cancer diagnosis, staging, tumor observation, complexity assessment, surgical procedure and pathology among others.

Digital health offers a wealth of features such as patient-reported outcome collection, remote monitoring and self-management in real time. There is growing evidence of the benefit to integrating digital into routine supportive care in oncology practice to provide improved patient-centered care. 

Digitalization of healthcare is an inevitable process that reshapes the way Oncologists diagnose and treat patients. In recent years, we have observed an exponential increase in the development of digital tools that have entered the medical space and transformed the process of clinical decision-making, from early detection and diagnosis to selecting treatment options, monitoring therapy, and evaluating its outcome.

This is where our home grown  cloud based platform a.k.a “nuQare” plays a very important role in this era. It is a complete suite of software for Oncologists, Onco clinics, hospitals, daycare centers and all such related stakeholders. It is an FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) enabled platform which focuses on the key areas of data security, compliance, standardized data architecture and high end data privacy of your cancer patients.

This suite contains an onco focused electronic medical record software viz “nuQare EMR”. It’s an AI-based cancer care solution for Oncologists. We have smartly blended our knowledge of AI with Onco expertise. nuQare EMR has the ability to seamlessly integrate with HMIS of any hospital or cancer clinic worldwide and empowers oncologists to seamlessly engage with their patients. It has been specially customized and developed to maintain Onco specific patient records. It encompasses all the essential advice, prescriptions, reports, and much more that assists in quick and easy diagnosis and treatment of complicated cases. 

Book your nuQare demo now and every minute of yours will be worth spent:

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